WhatsApp to delete All of Your chat data, Videos and Photos, here’s how to save it

It is important to be aware that of the WhatsApp backups which haven’t been upgraded in more than annually will be automatically deleted by Google.

Before you begin, make certain you are connected to wi fi, as whats app can be large and may use an excessive amount of internet data.

Google shows that users should back-up their whats app accounts before November 1-2, 2018, to avert lack in any copies. Here’s how you can certainly perform it.

Ensure that you have Google-Drive setup on your cell phone. Proceed to WhatsApp, then go to Settings (3 dots on right top) > Settings > Keyboards > Chat Backup. Select Back Up and you’ll automatically see everything getting backed upto Google-Drive.

The whats app content backed up on Google-Drive allows the users to restore it when needed. But the Google-Drive storage space is eaten up by these backups.
Although maybe not anymore the newest agreement between Google and WhatsApp will count your whats app backups. To put it differently, there will not be any restrictions for uploading WhatsApp copies on Google Drive. The data on Google Drive will consist of even GIFs, photos, videos, documents and messages.

The Way to manually replicate Whats App
Basically, the new change is part of a app upgrade that changes the way backed up WhatsApp content works.

However, messages and media that you backup would not be protected by whats app end-to-end encryption while in Google-Drive.
The new agreement is said to enter into effect from November 1 2, 2018, and is applicable and then Android users. For iPhone users, their whats app data is backed up on iCloud.
Observing a brand fresh agreement between Google and WhatsApp, the latter shall start deleting your data, videos and photos which you’ve saved on Android devices, reports the Mirror Online.
For those unaware, whats app uses Google-Drive — a popular cloud-storage service that allows storage of 15GB to backup messages, photos, and even videos.